The Montréal Association for the Intellectually Handicapped is the oldest association of its kind in Canada!

The Association was founded in 1935 by a small group of parents wanting better lives for their intellectually handicapped children. At a time when the intellectually handicapped were routinely institutionalized, these parents fought against the prevailing public opinion of the period, determined to try to provide a normal life for their children.

Over the years the MAIH started many new services for the intellectually handicapped, including the first schools, workshops, camps and residences. In the 1970s the provincial government accepted its responsibility for these basic services, and since that time the MAIH has turned its attention to developing new and innovative programs corresponding to the ever-evolving needs of the intellectually handicapped and their families.

Fortified by all its history and experience, the MAIH in 2012 is working harder than ever to see people with an intellectual disability living as fully participating members of their community.

Learn more about the past and present of the Association by watching the video, Memories and Emotions, produced for the 75th Anniversary Celebration Brunch of the MAIH in 2010. Presented here in six sections, the video is the work of two members of the volunteer committee that organized the 75th Anniversary commemorative festivities, Margaret Hanley and Pierre Royer, with the invaluable assistance of professional film-maker Gilles Tassé Lafontaine.



The MAIH – Yesterday to Today” is a time-line compiled for the Association’s 75th Anniversary celebrations, and lists the significant dates and events that punctuated the Association’s history from 1935 to 2010.

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