Our Vision

That each person with an intellectual disability may be recognized as a rightful member of our society, at every stage of their life.

Our Mission

To provide help and support to people with intellectual disabilities in a way that promotes further growth, so that they reach their full personal and social potential.

Our Approach

To achieve our mission we seek to empower our members and foster their resourcefulness as individuals and as a group

BY           people with an intellectual disability and their families
WITH      society
FOR       people with an intellectual disability

Our Areas of Activity

The family

  • Starting from their experiences and needs
  • Providing information and support
  • Creating opportunities for the sharing of common experiences and offering mutual support
  • Supporting their active involvement

The person with an intellectual disability

  • Starting from their experiences and needs
  • Reinforcing their skills and abilities
  • Facilitating their active participation in the community
  • Encouraging their civic involvement

The community

  • Educating the community about intellectual disability
  • Creating opportunities for contact between the intellectually disabled and the public
  • Sparking interest in encouraging and supporting the social inclusion of the intellectually disabled


MAIH Overview Leaflet


2014-2019 Strategic Plan



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