MAIH Overview Leaflet 

“Diagnosis of an Intellectual Handicap”

Our brochure “Diagnosis of an Intellectual Handicap: a guide for families on what to do and where to go” is useful for families who have just received the diagnosis that their child is intellectually handicapped.

Click here to obtain copies (in french only).

“Aging with an Intellectual Handicap”

The production of the reference handbook “Aging with an Intellectual Handicap was the first step taken by the MAIH to ensure that concerns about the aging intellectually handicapped population are recognized and addressed publicly.

The 30 page handbook is a guide for families and other caregivers. It describes the signs indicating that the intellectually handicapped person has entered this stage of life, it provides information on what needs to be done, and it includes a list of existing services and resources.

Click here to obtain copies.

Do you know that…?

When you are on social assistance, you have some recourse and one of which is to be entitled to reimbursement for transportation expenses for therapeutic activities or medical appointments.
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Videos on Planning for the Future

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