Learning to be independent

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As they participate in the different activities offered, our intellectually handicapped members learn and grow at their own pace as they participate in the different activities offered at the MAIH. Their goal is to develop their skills and abilities while experiencing an active social life within the community.

  • Weekends in the Country

  • Broaden your horizons

  • Camps

  • Summer Skills Day Camp

A week of doing activities and visiting new places all linked to a particular theme, with a big outing every Friday.

  • Social Participation Workshops

What’s Happening in Montréal?

The participants discover many of the events and festivals that make the Motnréal summer season so much fun.

Opening Doors to Montréal

It is the place to keep up with what’s happening and to meet new people, if participants are interested in exploring their city and finding out what’s on offer in the way of cultural recreation around town!

Implic’Action/Getting Involved

The participants of this workshop are on a mission to give back to the community by volunteering. In the course of their volunteer activities participants find themselves making friends and meeting people who need their help. This workshop offers an interesting and rewarding opportunity to promote integration and show that the intellectually challenged can make a real contribution to society.

  • Workshops to Develop Skills and Abilities

It’s Not Always Easy… To Keep Fit!

Do you want to get more exercise, maybe take up a new sport that will help you stay healthy and in shape? We have just the workshop for you! Try out some different sports and fitness activities, like badminton, soccer, hockey, dance and swimming, under the guidance of a trained instructor, who will help you improve your motor skills and agility.

It’s Not Always Easy… To Be Self-Confident!

Having self-confidence, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, standing up for yourself, making choices in line with both your interests and your values… some things are easier said than done. If you think your self esteem needs a boost, attending this workshop can help you to get to know yourself a bit better, to trust your instincts and to develop your self-confidence.

It’s Not Always Easy… To Make Friends!

Would you like to be going out more and doing more than you actually do? The activities in this workshop will help you understand yourself a bit better as you identify your interests and tastes. The various steps in developing a relationship will be examined (learning how to present yourself, how to listen to other people, etc.).

It’s Not Always Easy… To Express Myself!

Does it ever happen that you want to say something, but you don’t know how? This workshop will focus on helping participants develop their ability to express themselves. Through activities such as photography, improvisation, relaxation techniques, participants will be exploring the topics introduced and putting into practice what they have learnt.


It’s Not Always Easy… To Organise My Day

How to get to all the things that have to be done every day? Getting washed and dressed, hanging up and putting away clothes, doing the dishes, making the bed, preparing meals… If you have a hard time even deciding where to start, this is the workshop you need to help you get organized.

Explorations in Art workshop

Participants will be exploring different artistic styles and methods. A facilitator trained in visual arts will guide participants to learn various techniques and develop their creativity. This workshop is open to all; however, a number of places are reserved for people requiring a greater level of support (people with reduced mobility or who are polyhandicapped.)

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