Raising Awareness

To Contact Us : Amélie Guindon: 514 381-2300, ext. 28 or sensibilisation@amdi.info

Our awareness raising initiatives are aimed at educating people about intellectual disability and demystifying the subject. The more we get the general public to understand the reality of the intellectually handicapped and their families, the better our chances of effecting the social change which will lead to a fully inclusive social participation.

The Janine Sutto Awards Ceremony

logo-PJanine-Sutto-grosDistributed during the visual arts event D’un Oeil Différent, The Janine Sutto Awards aim to spotlight the artistic talents of the intellectually handicapped and to promote a positive image of “the difference”.

Two awards are presented annually along with cash rewards provided by award ceremony sponsor, the Access Culture Network of the City of Montreal. The first category, “Artist”, is for the exceptional artistic path taken by an intellectually handicapped performing artist, and the second category, “Project”, for the commitment of an organization to promoting the integration of the intellectually handicapped using an innovative artistic project.

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