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Donating your time

To contribute to a more inclusive society by developing the social participation of people with intellectual disabilities while strengthening their individual and collective empowerment.


Donating your time

Every year, around 60 volunteers give more than 460 hours of their time to the MAIH. Apart from the actual number of hours they volunteer, this is a way for them to give back to the Association and its cause. Volunteers are individuals who donate their time and energy, and, in return, seek nothing more than to do work that brings them personal fulfillment through the gratification they derive from helping enhance their community’s well-being. There are several different ways to become involved, whether on a regular or more occasional basis.

Administrative tasks. You can help us with our mailings, telephone reminders, and data entry.

Accompanying our members. You can lend a helping hand to our teams during workshops or outings.

Active involvement in association life. Our members can also get involved as volunteers by sitting on committees or helping organize various activities offered as part of Association life.

Professional mandates. It is also possible to become involved by sitting on our Board of Directors or one of our committees. And we are always looking for outside help with specific mandates such as communication or photography.

In addition to the above mandates, we are currently looking for a volunteer who makes video to shoot and edit short films about our events and activities. Please send us your resume if you are interested in one of both mandates.


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