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Since 1935

Social inclusion

The concept of social inclusion means having to examine, rethink and change our perceptions of intellectual disability. Each and every one of us has a stake in this new vision, which seeks to better integrate people with intellectual disabilities by focusing on their individual strengths and talents.

Who are we?

We are a community organization that has been around since 1935. Our mission is to accompany and support people with intellectual disabilities so that they can reach their full personal and social potential and find fulfilment.

We want each person with an intellectual disability to be recognized as a rightful member of our society at every stage of his or her life.

Our history

The Association was founded in 1935 by a small group of parents wanting better lives for their intellectually disabled children. At a time when the intellectually disabled were routinely institutionalized, these parents fought against the prevailing public opinion of the period, determined to try to provide a normal life for their children.

Over the years the MAIH started many new services for the intellectually disabled, including the first schools, workshops, camps and residences. In the 1970s, the provincial government accepted its responsibility for these basic services, and since that time the MAIH has turned its attention to developing new and innovative programs corresponding to the ever-evolving needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Encouraged by its history and experience, the MAIH is working harder than ever to see people with an intellectual disability living as fully participating members of their community.

Our services

Active involvement in association life

Active involvement in association life is essential at the MAIH, as it creates occasions for members to get together with their families and the MAIH team. Active involvement translates into numerous activities, as well as volunteering, which is vital to sustaining the Association and provides opportunities for everyone (beginning with our members) to get involved.

Family support

The MAIH offers support, assistance, information, and referral services to meet the needs of families who have a loved one with an intellectual disability (ID). With this support, families can in turn help their loved one play a full and active role in society.

Learning to be independent

Through a variety of activities, the Learning to Be Independent service helps participants learn and grow at their own pace with the goal of developing their skills and becoming active participants in society. The activities offered include skill development and social participation workshops.

Out-of-town stays

Out-of-town stays allow members to experience a different routine from usual, while developing the skills they need to function in a group. They give participants a chance to go on a vacation and have fun at places outside Montreal! These out-of-town stays also allow them to integrate with other groups present at the places visited.

Raising awareness

Hosted by the MAIH alone or with partners, our awareness-raising activities are designed to educate the community about intellectual disability and to demystify it, but also to create more opportunities for contact between people with intellectual disabilities and the public. Encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to get involved in the community by volunteering is yet another way of raising public awareness of the cause.


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